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TwinCAD is an easy-to-use design and drafting program for preparing precision CAD drawings.  With its powerful CAD engine, TwinCAD offers comprehensive 2D CAD functions that are comparable and compatible with AutoCADtm, while in a more thoughtful and productive way.   You may use TwinCAD as a standalone CAD system which does virtually all the design and drafting work for you, or simply take it as an add-on feature provider for AutoCADtm, as its DWG compatibility would allow you to work around the two systems freely. twcadpro.jpg (11125 bytes)

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Feature Highlights

Text Feature

  • Supports TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts
  • Exploded text with smooth curve fitting
  • Arc aligned text writing
  • Provides text FILL feature
  • Supports multiple-line text input

Dimensioning Feature

  • Dynamic dragging feature
  • Geometric tolerance setting feature
  • Supports dimensioning standards (ISO, DIN, JIS ... etc.)
  • Supports spline leader

3D Projected View

  • Provides 3D projected view from 2D entities
  • Supports isometric/dimetric/trimetric projection drawings
  • Supports 3D projected view dimension and text
  • Supports elliptic arc filleting on 3D view planes
  • Allows ellipse tangential on 3D view planes

Symbols and Tags

  • Powerful symbol library building
  • Symbol construct includes Text, Attributes and Regions with solid fill, besides primary entities
  • Provides 16-color settings and individual color controls on symbols
  • Tag Attributes support for symbol objects

Drawing Import/Export

  • Reads drawings in DWG and DXF formats through R2000
  • Supports drawing image output in WMF, BMP, GIF, PCX and TIFF formats
  • Allows different pen-width settings for printing output
  • Allows cut and paste of drawing in DWG or WMF formats
  • Pastes selected texts from Windows clipboard


  • Drawing frame creation by industry standards
  • Allows unlimited undo/redo
  • Area/centroid calculation
  • Align to combine move and rotate in one command
  • Purge drawings any time in the session
  • Customizable command alias
  • Customizable menus and toolbars

Exclusive to TwinCAD

  • Check and remove duplicated entities
  • Command line expression evaluator
  • Unique 89 ways to provide solution circle
  • Allows trim or extend to texts and blocks
  • Quicktrim to combine trim and extend in one command
  • Parametric function curve plot

Lisp-free Add-on Features through TCL-coded Commands

System Requirements

IBM PC or compatible (Pentium and up)
Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP (for English language only)
16MB main memory
40MB disk space
Color display
CD-ROM drive


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