The UNDUP command lets you remove the duplicated entities from the entities you select via the general object selection.

Once the UNDUP command is entered, it will prompt

UnDup -- Please select entities for duplication check...

and enter the general object selection operation. After you have completed the object selection, UNDUP will start checking to see if there are duplicated entities in the selection set. If there are, UNDUP will erase them and report the message:

Total nn duplicated entities have been removed.

Otherwise, it will report

No duplicated entities are found.

UNDUP will check only the geometry property of the entities, excluding the entity properties, such as layer, color and linetype.


For speed consideration, the UNDUP will not process more than 4000 entities at a time. However, you may execute UNDUP several time in different area of the drawing to verify that there is no more duplicated entity.

Special Notes:

The UNDUP command is an external command provided by the TCL program file "UNDUP.TCL" or "UNDUP.TCA". Either file must be present in the COMMANDS sub-directory where the TwinCAD resides. If you can not issue UNDUP command, you may solve the problem by copying the "UNDUP.TCL" to the COMMANDS sub-directory.

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