The LRDIM command lets you dimension an arc of large radius by creating a proper leader line with dimension text. You pick up an arc to dimension, designate a leader start point, and then LRDIM generates the required radius dimension for you.

The LRDIM command will prompt in the following sequence:

LargeRadiusDIM -- Select arc segment to dimension:
LargeRadiusDIM -- Indicate the starting point:

If the designated start point is outside of the arc, or it is too far from the arc (the direct distance from start point to the dimension point on the arc is larger than the arc radius), LRDIM will print the message:

** Invalid point. You should use RDIM...

and issue the RDIM command for you to continue dimensioning the arc.

If the designated point is okay for a large radius dimensioning, LRDIM will create the dimension using leader line with a text annotation. This text annotation, i.e. the dimension text, is generated automatically in the drawing unit to reflect the true radius value of the arc. The generation of this default dimension text is governed by the dimension variables. You may access these variables by issuing the DIMVAR command. See also DIMVAR for more information about dimensioning.

The created radius dimensioning follows the ANSI standard.

Special Notes:

The LRDIM command is an external command provided by the TCL program file "LRDIM.TCL" or "LRDIM.TCA". Either file must be present in the COMMANDS sub-directory where the TwinCAD resides. If you can not issue LRDIM command, you may solve the problem by copying the "LRDIM.TCL" to the COMMANDS sub-directory.

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