The LOADOPT command lets you access the drawing loading related options via a GUI dialogue window operation. These options are controlled by specific system variables. With LOADOPT, you can easily access these options without knowing how to setup these related system variables.

LOADOPT will pop up the dialogue window as shown below:
loadopt.gif (7087 bytes)

The following describe these screen items in details.

At Loading WRK/DWG/DXF File

You may specify to audit the drawing automatically at loading the WRK/DWG/DXF files by checking on the first item in this group. See AUDIT command for details about the drawing auditing.

You may also specify to ignore all duplicated blocks at loading the WRK/DWG/DXF files by checking on the second item in this group. Duplicated blocks are blocks that have been defined in current drawing. The LOAD, DWGIN and DXFIN commands have implemented rules to resolve such name conflict; however, you may override the rules to ignore all duplicated blocks by enabling this option.

DWG/DXF Specific

You may specify to remove empty blocks from the drawing at loading DWG/DXF files by checking on the only item in this group. Empty blocks are blocks containing no geometry entities. Some AutoCAD add-on applications may create special blocks to store additional informations using X-data. Such blocks are meaningless in TwinCAD.

DWG Specific

You may choose to purge off unreferenced blocks automatically at loading R10/R12 DWG file (this options is not yet implemented for R13/R14 at the time this document is prepared). In this special group, you may select from the radio buttons one of the following options:

  • Do not purge off unreferenced blocks -- The unreferenced blocks will be loaded into the current drawing.
  • Query on each unreferenced blocks -- For each unreferenced block, TwinCAD will query the operator whether to load it in or not, during the loading of the DWG files.
  • Purge all unreferenced blocks -- All unreferenced blocks will be skipped during the loading of the DWG files.

Other Buttons

After completing your option setup, you have to press the [OK] button to confirm the change and terminate LOADOPT. Or, you may press the [Cancel] to quit LOADOPT operation. You may also press <ESC> key or the right mouse button to quit the operation.

Special Notes:

The LOADOPT command is an external command provided by the TCL program file "LOADOPT.TCL" or "LOADOPT.TCA". Either file must be present in the COMMANDS sub-directory where the TwinCAD resides. If you can not issue LOADOPT command, you may solve the problem by copying the "LOADOPT.TCL" to the COMMANDS sub-directory.

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