The CHPROP command lets you change the properties of selected entities via a GUI dialog window operation. By checking on the corresponding check-boxes, you may selectively specify to change only one of the entity properties, such as Layer, Linetype and Color, or all of them of these selected entities. You may also specify new entity properties to change to by reading them from an existing entity, other than specifying each of them individually.

When you enter CHPROP command, you will be asked first to select those drawing entities to be modified by their properties via the Object Selection Operation, as it prompts:

Select Objects (+):

After your completion of the object selection, a dialog window as shown in the figure below will pop up.
chprop.gif (3862 bytes)

The operation is simple. You need to specify the desired properties to change to and make a check-mark on the corresponding check-boxes to enable their modifications over the selected entities. And finally, you press the [Do It] button to proceed the modification, or the [Quit] button to quit the operation.

There are three check-boxes on the left of the dialog window. From top to bottom, each of them indicates the Layer, Color and Linetype to change respectively. After each check-box, there is a button with the corresponding property name as its label. You may press it to specify the new property to change to. That is, press the [Layer] button to select the new layer, the [Color] button to select the new color, and the [Linetype] button to select the new linetype. Each new property being specified will be displayed on the same line after its corresponding button. Once a new property is specified, its corresponding check-box will be automatically checked.

Initially, these check-boxes will be in an unchecked state, and each of the new property will be set to be the same as those of the selected entities, provided that they are all the same.

You may press the [Pick] button, on the right of the dialog window, to specify to set the new entity properties by reading from an existing entity. CHPROP will close the dialog window temporary and prompt

Pick properties from entity:

asking you to pick up the object in desire. CHPROP will read its entity properties and set them as the current new properties to change. Each new property will be checked to see if it will change the corresponding property of these selected entities. If it will, the corresponding check-box will be checked automatically.

You may press the [Select] button to discard the current selection list and do the object selection again. The dialog window will be closed temporary for the object selection. If you are going to modify on the current selection list, enter the "Previous" option to select them again at object selection.

To quit the operation, press the <ESC> key, the right mouse button or the [Quit] button from the dialog window. To proceed the entity modification, press the [

Do it] button.

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