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An Integrated CADCAM Solution for WireCut Programming

The TCAM/PATHCUTTM is a PC-based CAD/CAM software system for WireCut programming applications.  The software covers the whole spectrum of the work process starting from the part drawing design, toolpath setting, NC code generation and editing and finally the DNC linking.  The seamless integration between the CAD and CAM function within the system has made PATHCUT an unparalleled software solution for your WireCut processing needs.

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System Requirement:

  • System Unit: IBM PC or compatible (80286 and up)
  • Operating System: MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.0 or later
  • Main Memory: 640KB RAM minimum
  • Hard Disk Space: 2MB
  • Display: Standard VGA
  • Input Device: Mouse

Key Benefits:

  • High precision machining guaranteed.
  • Superior in handling complex geometry.
  • Great price performance ratio.
  • Configurable to various machines.
  • Gear drafting package available.

Software Features:

  • Full 2D drafting feature provided.
  • Auto-joining the drawing entities into directional toolpaths.
  • Specifies cut-in point at either mid-point or end-point.
  • Automatic setting on offset direction.
  • Automatic determination on inner/outer fillets.
  • Automatic generation of pre-stop point.
  • Automatic setting on overcut length.
  • Easy modification on path cutting sequencing.
  • Quick inversion of hole cutting into contour cutting or vice versa.
  • Supports 3D-shape cutting with unequal upper/lower contours.
  • Provides built-in NC program editor.
  • DNC Link package included.
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